I ♥ open source. Here are the projects I created and/or maintain.


DotLiquid is a (dare I say "the"?) secure, open-source template engine for .NET. It is a .NET port of Ruby's Liquid Markup.

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DynamicImage is a high-performance image manipulation library for ASP.NET. This isn't really my project - it was created by Sound in Theory. In my own fork, I've been steadily moving it forwards, to the point where I think it's a great choice for ASP.NET image manipulation, especially if you need more complex layering or combination of filters.

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Gemini is a WPF framework for creating IDE-like applications. It includes a number of modules that provide useful out-of-the-box functionality: CodeCompiler, CodeEditor, ErrorList, GraphEditor, Inspector, Inspector.Xna, Output, PropertyGrid and Xna.

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A software rasterizer written from scratch in C#. The API is closely modelled on Direct3D 10 and 11, and is split into several pipeline stages: input assembler, vertex shader, geometry shader, rasteriser, pixel shader and output merger. It uses SlimShader to parse and execute HLSL shaders entirely on the CPU, in managed code.

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SlimShader is a Direct3D shader bytecode parser for .NET and C++. It includes a virtual machine, capable of executing HLSL vertex shaders, geometry shaders and pixel shaders entirely on the CPU, in managed code. I use it in Rasterizr, my 3D software rasterizer.

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DotWarp is an open source server-side 3D renderer for .NET 4.0. It can be used in a background application (i.e. one without a UI) for rendering 3D meshes into 2D bitmaps.

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These are the projects and games I've worked on in the past.