Urinal etiquette

March 14, 2007

Relatively speaking, there has been very little written on the subject of urinals. This is strange, as urinals are very much a part of the life of the modern day man. I have decided to redress this shortcoming, and provide a detailed explanation of the usage of said conveniences.


There are many, many different factors to be taken into account during the use of urinals. It is not, as some people uneducated in the field may think, a simple matter of walking into the men's toilets, doing one's business, washing one's hands, and leaving. Oh no. Using a urinal correctly has as much etiquette and as many rules as eating at a high-class restaurant. Not that those two things are in any way related.

Now we get down to the actual rules themselves:

Finding a Urinal

Using a Urinal

We now assume that you have successfully found a urinal, and are ready to start using it. The process becomes a little more complicated at this point, and there are several things you must think about:

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